Maximum Achievement 2.0

Brian Tracy and special guests

8.2.2018 Aquapalace Hotel PRAGUE

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Legendary seminar with professional No1. in the world for successes and business development

Don't miss a unique conference where, apart from Brian Tracy's sales skills master, there will also be experts from another areas:

Peter Betyár

Founder and Leader of You Academy, INLPTA - NLP Master

Lýdia Machová

Professional interpreter, language mentor, and polyglot

Sukhi Wahiwala

British business mentor, coach and investor

Petra Kulhánková

Blue Diamond Executive, NTC Ambassador

Jakub B. Bączek

Mental coach, coach of sports teams

Brian Tracy wrote bestselling personal development, sales psychology, and psychology of success.

However, you can only recognize his best methods in training.

Brian Tracy increases the efficiency of people around the world:

  • Brian Tracy is one of the best business speakers in the world. Maybe even the best around the world.
  • Brian Tracy has consulted more than 1000 companiesand has spoken to more than 5 000 000 people in more than 5 000 interviews in the USA, Canada and other 75 countries.
  • His audience also ranks companies from the ladder„Fortune 500“
  • He worked as a consultant and mental trainerfor more than a thousand companies
  • He is the top seller and the author of more than 45 books,, that has been translated
     into many of languages.

Susan Sheridan


Brian Tracy inspired me in his thoughts and showed me how to be successful despite the obstacles. I've done what I've never thought possible - with easy!





incl. VAT

  • Access to the seminar
  • "Maximum Achievement 2.0" Workbook
  • Book signing session
  • Audio record from the seminar in worth of €100

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incl. VAT

  • Access to the seminar
  • "Maximum Achievement 2.0" Workbook
  • Book signing session
  • Sitting in the first ranks
  • Video record from the seminar in worth of €300
  • Priority registration
  • Brian Tracy graduate certificate
  • Business lunch and snacks during the seminar
  • Exclusive Personal Photos with Brian Tracy
  • Access to the Diamond Lounge for Networking
  • Possibility to order Exclusive Diamond Evening with Brian Tracy

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Details of the event


Aquapalace Hotel Prague

Pražská 137,
251 01, Praha-Čestlice, Czech Republic

* Accommodation is not included in the price of the seminar,
However it is possible to reserve it here,

Registration from 07:00am
Beginning at 08:30 to 19:00 h.
Lunch break 13:00 - 14:30 h.

During the training,
besides Brian Tracy's knowledge, you will also be able
listen to exceptional
special guests.

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the ticket in the form of a QR code. This code must be
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Use proven Brian Tracy techniques to maximize efficiency!

Brian has more than three decades of experience in sales and maximum performance. It mentors people on their way to the very top. He knows the secrets of how small and large businesses work and helped to improve it.

Its main goal is to increase your efficiency in business and in everyday life. According to him, life is like selling - you talk every day and want to achieve your goals.

You can learn how to do it.

Imagine that only within a day, you can:

  • How to set goals correctly how to properly create tasks and strategies, project management, time for private life - sales
  • Discover the secretof sales psychology
  • Learn to take a chance
  • Learn what values are really important to you
  • Take controlof your career - forever
  • Consciously changing the direction of your life
  • Learning to turn your defeats into success
  • Find a way out of every unpredictable situation
  • How to reduce the probability of occurrence of errors to a minimumhow to build a business idea that will bring results
  • Unlock yourendless potential
  • Increase your ability to earn more than ever before
  • Know the know-how of 5 specialists in sales, marketing and personal development

Brian Tracy speaks and trains around the world, but now he performs in Prague,

It can be your unique opportunity to meet the TOP speaker face to face.

Ravi Balan

Biltmore Hotel & Suites, Director of Sales & Marketing

"The day I participated in Brian's" 21 ways to be a sales superstar "has changed my life forever, and I have been a business manager for the position of Head of Sales and Marketing for 4 years, increasing my income by more than 50% With Brian Tracy, as a mentor, I feel that there is no boundary, and his words inspire me to grow every day in both professional and personal life."

Winston Saga

Sales and Motivation, CEO

"No one can overcome the champion, Brian Tracy, and it's my business guru, I've been one of the top 5-year-old traders at the New Zealand Telecommunications Company, and I've written 2 books on the topic of top sellers. And success comes from Brian Tracy, listen to Brian, pay for it an hour a day, and you'll see it in a year, and you'll be among the top 1% of people in the company."

Neil Appel

Director of Sales, Vector
Security, Inc.

"Even the best techniques, in the best hands, tend to fall a little after years of using it." Inspiring new life into ageless concepts is the art that Brian Tracy has completely mastered."

William B. Bennett

Attorney at Law, Manulkin,
Glaser & Bennett

"Brian has inspired many people to follow their dreams and break their restraining doubts. I would like to encourage all those who want to expand and develop their abilities, learn from this Master and open their minds to his words."

Sell more,
than ever before

When Brian Tracy realized that effective business closure required client needs, he began to look for the right words. Words that cause people to buy instantly. Thanks to them, its sales results have increased record-breaking. When he began to transfer his knowledge to other people, their results also improved visibly.

For the first time in history, Brian Tracy will appear in Prague and will reveal his sales techniques as well as - closing the deal. It's your chance to see for yourself the sales master who wants to share your know-how with you too.

Brian Mertens

Vice President of Sales

Thanks to Brian for being a happy person thanks to him, I belonged among the top team members in all the companies I worked for. Brian helped me in personal, family, spiritual and working life. I have never met such a man as a man like Mr Tracy. His ability to talk about so many different topics is unparalleled.

Jim Cathcart

The Acorn Principle, Author

Personal success and Brian Tracy are synonyms. No one I know can teach you more about success and goals than Brain. He explains the situation clearly, and then, on the experience of his wonderful life. If he recommends something, do it. Brian knows what he's talking about.

Know more about Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of the world's most respected and most respected speakers. He is the expert of transforming the personal and professional success of each person based on the development of individual abilities.

His lectures and seminars on leadership, sales, effective management and business development strategies are very tempting, inspirational, and often intrigued by the simplicity and accuracy of recognizing complex themes.

Participants will recognize proven strategies that they can use immediately.

Brian Tracy is the author of books and publications that have been translated into 35 languages in 52 countries, including the world's top sellers: "Maximum Achievement," "Sales of Psychology," or "Turbostrategy."

In one breath, alongside Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey and Jack Welch, he is considered one of the world's most influential business leaders.

Brian Tracy's seminar was attended by more than four million people in 53 countries. His audience is also the company leaders and management experts of companies that are at the forefront of the world economy.

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